Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) utilizes experiential, mind-body processes
for clearing emotional memories and freeing up energy

Treatment Targets – Increase expressiveness, responsiveness, and mindfulness. Clear traumatic or emotional memories and reduce intrusive thoughts, negative feelings, and somatic effects of stress:

Anxiety, panic attacks
Anger, depression
Chronic pain
Guilt, shame, self-consciousness, social inhibition

Length – Treatment is completed in one to three, 90-180 minute sessions.

Experiential – Interoception, proprioception, visualization and other processes are used to promote mindfulness and a relaxed-body state.

Safe, generally pleasant, and even fun – Person remains conscious, alert, and emotionally grounded or “present” at all times. Traumatic or otherwise negative emotional memories are reviewed and re-processed but never “relived” or re-experienced. We actively avoid iatrogenic or potentially harmful practices including those involving coercion.

Voluntary and Confidential –I do not provide involuntary services of any kind. I also do not release information, including assessments or reports, to any third party without court order. Insurance not accepted.

Benefits- Pro bono services for veterans and first responders, state of the art, competency – based, deliberate practice, brain-based, mindfulness.

Click here for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Assessment for Civilians

Alexis’ Basic Contract for Therapy for Private Clients

Therapist undertakes:

  1. I will not solve your problems.
  2. I will work with you to help you make changes that are healthy for you.
  3. I will help you develop the skills to make those changes.
  4. I will treat you with respect and honesty.
  5. I will keep your personal information private.
  6. I will not disclose any information about you, unless I feel there is a threat of harm to yourself or others.

Client undertakes:

  1. I will be punctual for appointments and give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, or I will be charged.
  2. I am willing to accept and complete any homework given.
  3. I will process/ discuss if I want to end the therapy experience.

Notice of Privacy Practices